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Author Louis J Desforges

Louis J Desforges

Having endless curiosity, Louis has always been enthralled by the inner workings of everything around him.

With a natural and insatiable drive to build, explore, and understand, one of his fondest childhood memories is harvesting toasters, microwaves, TVs, and other discarded electronics in his Brooklyn neighborhood so he could take apart and rebuild them, or scavenge parts to build his own remote-controlled cars or planes.

He is the first to admit that nothing ever worked as intended, or at all, for that matter, but that never really mattered to him. As long as he was dissecting, constructing, exploring and learning, his cup was always full.

Today, his tinkering looks very different. Louis spends countless hours building and rebuilding Lego sets with his four-year-old son.

With any free time left after work and family life (usually late at night), you can find Louis in his workshop (any available free space with a flat surface) writing, painting, sculpting, or toiling over his photography; nonetheless, his deep love for STEM remains, and at its core feeds his endless curiosity and desire to understand the inner workings of everything.


Most frequent questions and answers

Telling stories is an excellent way to inspire children.  Stories provide children with a view into new and exciting world of characters, places, cultures, and traditions.

Storytelling enhances creativity, inspires curiosity, and broadens a child’s immigration – making them more open to new ideas and concepts while teaching them about life, themselves, and others.

Sadly, children along all dimensions of diversity rarely see themselves represented in the characters of the books that they read.

My purpose is to be intentional about creating more diverse, equitable and inclusive stories that will inspire and cement deep within a child’s framework the confidence to achieve their dreams, regardless of their prevailing circumstances.


“I see me, therefore I can be”

I have many hopes, lol….I hope to inspire children to remain curious and to never stop dreaming or believing. 

I hope children around the world will become empowered by the knowledge that life is their canvas, and they can paint in only the colors that resonates.

I hope to dismantle the false narratives we adopt early – the perception that aspirations are “unattainable”, “far-fetched”, or “unrealistic” simply because it seems out of reach for whatever reason at any moment in time. 

To challenge this paradigm, I believe we must start at the root – equitable representation in the stories that inspires, influences, and shapes us –  thereby planting seeds that will enable them to confidently refute the limitations and constraints they encounter throughout their life’s journey.

And so here we are, on a journey to plant seeds of inspiration and curiosity, cultivate confidence and nurture a new generation that can usher the world into a future of greater representation, inclusion, and equity.

What makes my book unique is unfortunate – there’s an enormous gap in diverse representation in STEM. 

Specifically, to children’s books, current stories do not reflect the multiplicity of today’s children, making it difficult for them to identify with their heroes or favorite characters.

My purpose is to be intentional in creating stories that help children broaden the scope of their imaginations and allow them to see, relate and project themselves into endeavors that were previously unimaginable. 

Although I was raised in Brooklyn,  I was born in Haiti.  My parents immigrated to the US when I was six months old.  I was raised by my aunt and subsequently reunited with my parents when I was five. 

I lived in Brooklyn until I joined the Marine Corps after high school  – where I served for a decade.  I eventually returned to New York to finish my degree in Finance and later earned a master’s degree in HR and grew my career from there.